The Experience


To us, the total experience is what it’s all about. There’s a lot more to the hunt than the actual hunt. We want you to enjoy every second of your stay with us from the time you come through the gate until we say our good-byes 3 days later. We believe the little details make all the difference.
Your experience actually begins the first time you contact us. We’ll ask questions to get to know you and to see how we can best serve you. We are willing and able to customize your hunt to meet your desires. We’ll try to understand your experience level, how you like to hunt, when you like to hunt, etc. We’ll also ask about the size and type of deer you are interested in. Are there any special characteristics you’re looking for? We’ll also talk about your food options to ensure we put something on the table that you will thoroughly enjoy.
We believe in quality rather than quantity, so hunting parties are limited to four at a time unless special arrangements are made at the time of booking. Limiting the number of people hunting at one time makes it possible for us to provide a more personal and intimate experience. It allows us to be flexible and to cater to your every need while you’re with us.

Contact us today with your questions or booking enquiries.

"I booked a hunt with my son and if any hunter wants to get that buck of a lifetime this is the place to go- you will not regret"
-Bob (Ohio)